2.6 – 5 Tonne Mini Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire 2.6 - 5 Tonne Mini Excavator Hire

Also known as compact excavators, mini excavators are earthmovers with a capacity of 2.6-10 tonnes. That’s not so mini, you might be thinking, but it is a modest load compared with some heavy duty excavators, which have a capacity of up to 500 tonnes. As such, mini excavators are usually hired for projects in small spaces, where their power can be best put to use. Hire rates for 5 tonne excavators are usually less than larger or more complex pieces of machinery.

Will you need wheels or tracks?

Every mini excavator has a cab where the driver sits to operate the vehicle and an undercarriage that consists of wheels or tracks.

  • Wheels are suitable for smooth surfaces (roads or warehouse floors)
  • Tracks work best on rough terrain like dirt, grass, rocks or gravel.

Benefits of mini excavator hire

Used for digging or demolition work, a mini excavator must be operated by a qualified driver with the right type of heavy vehicle licence.

A mini excavator is great because it:

  • makes short work of a small space
  • are compact but still powerful
  • doesn’t take up a lot of room on site

Hire a 5 tonne excavator with attachments

We can source quotes for excavators with attachments for:

  • digging
  • demolition

A few common mini excavator attachments include:

  • augers
  • compaction wheels
  • excavators
  • buckets
  • compactor plates
  • rippers.

Save your back and hire a mini excavator!

A variety of commercial and residential jobs are best suited to a mini excavator. These include simpler projects such as digging holes, trenches, ditches, garden ponds, tree stump removal, snow plowing and demolishing lightweight structures. Anything that’s too labour-intensive to handle with manual spades and shovels.

  •    Digging Holes
  •    Creating Trenches
  •    Demolishing Sheds or Other Small Structures
  •    Repairing Sewer Lines
  •    Flattening Landscaping
  •    Removing Stumps
  •    Digging Garden Ponds
  •    Plowing Snow
  •    Digging Irrigation Ditches

Mini excavators are ideal for almost any project that requires digging or demolition that is too large to handle with a shovel or other basic hand tools. The variety of attachments available for these machines make it possible to use for all kinds of projects.

When you use a mini excavator, these jobs will be easier and safer because using the right equipment decreases risk of injury and damage to the project and surrounding areas.

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