How to Tackle Safety Considerations When Hiring Equipment

2 years, 1 month ago

Workplace safety is one of the most important things any business has to keep in mind when operating in any industry. While it obviously helps prevent any harm coming to your workers, it can even affect the bottom line of your business. So, here are our quick tips for keeping safety as a priority when you hire any equipment

Be aware of the industry standards 

For starters, most industries have comprehensive safety guidelines or regulations for businesses to operate within. Even if you have many years of experience, it’s important to keep yourself fully educated and up to date with any safety standards to ensure your business is always promoting best practice. 

Choose a reputable partner and build a professional relationship 

Hire from a company that advertises thorough safety inspections, a strict maintenance schedule and any other relevant measures; this can give you much greater confidence in the condition of the equipment and helps make the provider more accountable. Read through any manuals or technical information accompanying your hire, and don’t hesitate to ask the hirer if any procedures or responsibilities are unclear.

 Pick the tools that are right for the job 

This may seem obvious, but it can quickly become complicated in circumstances where many similar types of equipment are on offer to cater for specific demands. If you don’t have a precise idea of what will be best for your business, ask for help from the hirer to ensure your choice offers maximum safety, efficiency and productivity. 

Ensure your team is fully trained in use of the equipment 

Operating equipment is about more than just knowing how to control it. Users need to understand how to adapt to certain situations and have a grasp of what to do in an emergency, which is why many workers require qualifications to operate specific tools or machinery. 

That said, operators aren’t the only ones who need to be informed: managers overseeing the project, nearby workers and other relevant individuals within the workplace should always be trained on safe practices with regards to the hired equipment. 

Keep your workers safe and avoid any disasters for your business 

According to the ABS, industries such as construction, transport, storage, agriculture and manufacturing have some of the highest injury incidence rates in Australia. Ultimately, remaining stringent with your safety policies and reducing hazards wherever possible goes a long way to keeping you and your workers out of harm’s way. While choosing to hire is an economically effective approach for many businesses, don’t let yours sacrifice safety as a result. 

Refer to Safe Work Australia’s website, or get in touch with the team from General Hire to find out more.