How To Sack General Hire

1 year, 10 months ago

Granted, this is not our most marketable asset... Never the less, welcome to General Hire –and here’s how to sack us.

Say you hire an employee on time, you pay their wages when due and you provide them with every piece of information about your business in order for them to be successful.

In return, your employee makes promises to you; they will perform, they’ll be on your team for 12 months and it’s as if you know what to expect from them.

After just 2 of those months’ you might realise your new guy isn’t the right fit. It’s not personal but for the direction your business is heading in you need to let him go.

Plot twist, you can’t! You must continue to pay him for the rest of the year even if he’s not working for you.

To us, that doesn’t seem right. If you engage in a service to generate job leads, such as a marketing service, google AdWords or lead generation applications – you must be able to sack them too. If the service doesn’t provide, why should you continue to pay for it?

We know there are numerous reasons why you might need to tighten the marketing budget.

  1. If you’re busy, you don’t want to keep generating the demand for work you can’t cater to. Your reputation maters.
  2. The marketing channel you have employed isn’t delivering. Why throw good money at a bad service?
  3. If you take leave and you aren’t at work to service the jobs… why should you pay for access to the leads you aren’t able to service?
  4. You didn’t get the volume you expected.
  5. The leads you receive are also being delivered to 6 – 12 other companies and you don’t want to compete in a price war.

Just like an unsatisfactory employee, regardless of promise; We think it’s reasonable to hold ourselves to the service promise so you don’t have to.

If our service doesn’t work out for our members, they can simply send us an email and we’ll discontinue their contract in that moment. Confirmation will be received within 48 hours.

We don’t lock you in for 12 months.  No legal letters and no continuous charging of the company credit card despite unsatisfactory results.