How Big is the Digital Opportunity for Hire Companies?

1 year, 10 months ago

With the world moving to their mobiles and trends moving so fast, when you are running a plant and equipment hire business, or operating a machine, its easy to get left behind.

The current opportunity is gigantic, mammoth and growing a never to be beaten opportunity to get busier, and win the work you want.

Its also scary; as for those who don’t embrace a digital centric marketing campaign in 2017 are certain to be left behind.

So how big is it? We need to look at Google for the answers, most studies show Google receives well over 90% of the search traffic online. Some studies show as high as 97%.

What I mean by search traffic is when people type in something like; “Excavator Hire Sydney” into the search bar in Google.

We use a tool called the Keyword Planner, this is able to pull data from Googles warehouse on the volume of traffic, it’s a brilliant way to check the size of an opportunity online.

Here is what we found when we typed in our landing page “” as a landing page:

On any given month, there are between 100 thousand and 1 million people searching for something to hire.

We’ve estimated there are approximately 10 000 hire companies in Australia to service this demand. Only 4000 of which have a presence or listing online.

The maths:

For arguments sake, let’s use a low point of 200 000 searches for equipment and a high of 10 000 companies to provide.

200 000
10 000

You should be getting 20 inbound enquires a month as month as a bare minimum.

Are you?