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Worried your location is too far removed? Don’t be. General Hire sources excavator hire rates, attachments and other heavy equipment Australia-wide. Our service locations include Bendigo, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay, Melbourne, Perth, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville, Toowoomba and more.

Excavator types

There are many types of excavators to choose from – all with different capacities and purposes. The type of project you have will determine the kind of excavator you need.

Do you need excavator wet hire?

Generally, wet hire will not only include an operator but also everything else you’ll need for operation. While it can vary between providers, this can include servicing, repairs and any other extras.

Or excavator dry hire?

Dry hire gives you the excavator on a BYO operator basis. You can organise this yourself or go through a third party. You may also be responsible for labour and maintenance, depending on the hire company.

Compact or mini excavators with a capacity of 2.6-10 tonnes
A range of light commercial and residential jobs are ideal for a mini excavator. These include simpler projects such as digging holes, trenches ditches and garden ponds, tree stump removal, snow plowing and demolishing lightweight structures. Anything that’s too labour-intensive to handle with manual spades and shovels. Read More

Small excavators with a capacity of 11-19 tonnes
These versatile excavators are big enough to handle most civil construction works without the bulk and fuel consumption of massive machines. They can also be used to break rocks and wrestle with boulders. Read More

Medium excavators with a capacity of 20-35 tonnes
If you need to build a road or bridge, choose this kind of excavator. They are also ideal for digging in pipelines or factory builds. Read More

Large excavators of 36-100 tonnes
Now this is where we get into mining or other heavy earth-moving territory. To find out more about these excavators, call us. Read More


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